south haven michigan

South Haven, MI

Lat: 42° 24.143   Long: 086° 16.835

Quick Reference:

  • Port Type: City
  • Monitors VHF: 9, 16, 68
  • Charts: NOS 14906
  • Customs: No
  • Coast Guard
  • Transient Docking
  • Anchorage
  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Potable Water
  • Pump Out
  • Washrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Repair Services
  • Provisions
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital/Clinic
  • Banks/ATM
  • Restaurants/Pubs
  • Shopping
  • Internet
  • Amenities
  Important Numbers

Area Code269
Police(269) 637-5151
Hospital(269) 637-5271
Pharmacy(269) 637-1161


Port Distance (nm) Port Distance (nm)
Milwaukee, IL 79 W Muskegon, MI 50 N
Waukegan, IL 67 W Holland, MI 23 N
Chicago, IL 65 SW Benton Harbor, MI 19 S
Calumette, IL 67 SW Michigan City, IL 49 S


This was originally territory of the Ottawa, Miami and Pottawattamie peoples. The first record of a visit by Europeans was that of Henri de Tonti. The Italian-born Tonti was once of de la Salles' trusted officers on de la Salles' great exploration of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River valley. Tonti left extensive records. The first settlement occured in 1833.

South Haven Michigan has always been an active, working port - lumber, fish, commercial goods and passenger traffic. It was also the shipping port for a substantial local fruit-growing indusrty. It is a lovely small town, well-positioned within easy sail of large centers to the north, south and west across the lake. Popular, it can be a very busy harbor.

One of its key attractions is the Michigan Maritime Museum and that alone makes it well-worth visiting.


The approaches to South Haven Michigan are clear from all directions. The channel lies on a bearing of approximately 081°T. It is marked with a Fl GREEN light on the north pierhead, visible 6.2 nm offshore and a F RED light on the south pierhead, visible 7.1 nm offshore. The channel itself is short - .4 nm in length. Most of the marinas are clustered in the next .4 nm of the Black River, south of the bascule bridge.


South Haven Municipal Marina   (269) 637-3171    VHF 9
South Haven Municipal Marina is immediately inside the river mouth, with a basin on either side of the river. There are about 30 transient slips in each basin and another 30 upriver by the Michigan Maritime Museum. There is no fuel dock but there is a pumpout station. Water and power are available at all slips. In the North Basin, there is a new marina complex with restrooms, showers and laundry facilities. There is also a lounge and kitchen. There are picnic areas on the grounds with BBQ grills. The marina has loaner bicycles for visiting sailors to explore the community and there is internet access.

All Seasons Marina   (269) 637-3655    VHF 9
All Seasons Marina is located upriver from the Municipal Marina, on the north side of the river. There are a number of slips available for transient sailors. There is a fuel dock (diesel and gasoline) and a pumpout station. Water and power are available dockside. This is a large, full-service marina that can carry out a wide range of repairs and maintenance including engine, mechanical electrical and fibreglass repairs, canvas work and rigging maintenance. There are restrooms and showers. There is a large, well-stocked chandlery on-site.

South Haven Yacht Club   (269) 637-2305    VHF 16, 68
SHYC is located on the south side of the river, across from All Seasons Marina. There are several slips available for transient sailors. There is a fuel dock (diesel and gasoline) and a pumpout station. Water and power hookups are available at each slip. Their two-storey riverside clubhouse has restrooms, showers and laundry facilities. There is a lounge and they have a dining room that is open Thursday to Sunday There are picnic areas on the gounds with BBQ grills.


All Seasons Marina (see above)

SAVE-A-LOT grocery store is located by the bascule bridge. It can handle re-provisioning requirements.

Chemical Bank is the nearest bank with counter and ATM service. It is located on the south side of the river, about .25 mi/.4 km from SHYC.


South Haven Community Hospital (269) 637-5271 is located about 1.3 mi/2.1 km south of SHYC, on the south side of the river.

MacDonald Drug Store (269) 637-1161 is located about .25 mi/.4 km south of SHYC, on the south side of the river.


There is a nice variety of restaurants in South Haven Michigan. Su Casa restaurant specializes in Mexican food.

Clementine's is a popular restaurant/bar located in a historic bank building. Done up as an old-time saloon, it is a local favorite.

Amicarelli Vineyard Italian Restaurant serves up traditional Italian foods.

For a coffee house/wine bar experience, try Cafe Julia


Without a doubt, the Michigan Maritime Museum is the place to visit. Dedicated to preserving Michigan's maritime history, it occupies 5 buildings right along the waterfront. They also own a top-sail schooner, Friends Good Will. This ship is a replica of a schooner that fought in the War of 1812, under both American and British flags. She takes regular cruises out into Lake Michigan and that is a trip not to miss. This is an excellent museum with permanent and rotating exhibits, a teaching and research center and lots of festivals and events.

In July, there is the Independence Day celebrations and a Classic Boat Show.

The farmland surrounding South Haven Michigan is a rich and productive fruit belt. Every August is the National Blueberry Festival. Can't imagine a better way to spend some time than enjoying nature's very best!

The South Haven Michigan website will give you more ideas on how you can enjoy your time here.

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