The Complete Log Book
For Cruising Sailors

Are you looking for a practical, easy-to-use yet complete way to plan and record all of the information you want for your boat and trips - something you can begin to use immediately?

Do your eyes sometimes glaze over at the bewildering array of log books for sale?

Are you experiencing information overload with all the material available online? 

Great Lakes Sailing's Log Book is the e-book that gives you an easy-to-use yet thorough format to record all of the necessary information about your boat and any cruises you take – whether exploring home waters or voyaging to distant ports across the Great Lakes.

Written by a sailor and Coast Guard Auxiliary member with over 25 years of sailing experience!

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Pouring over bookstore shelves for an appropriate Log Book can be an exercise in real frustration. Some are little more than a guest registry – fine for a hotel or B&B but not a boat. Others contain information you don't want or need while leaving out things you really do want. Bound books give you no opportunity to easily add in sections that you want to include.

Scouring the internet for information can be fun but time-consuming if you are looking for something specific. You may not have the time to research all the various websites and, once information is found, you may not be able to get it in a format that is useful to you.

This Log Book was born in part of my own frustration with this search. If you are a cruising sailor or just planning to get started, this Log Book was created to help you by giving you a practical tool you can use immediately.

Great Lakes Sailing's Log Book is a complete record book with documents, forms, planning sheets, resources and information that can be used immediately

What you can expect in this e-book:

  • Forms to record owner information, insurance details and vessel specifications
  • Detailed log forms to record the state of boats systems and progress of a passage
  • Easy-to-use weather planning worksheets
  • Radio log forms to record important radio traffic
  • Comprehensive passage planning forms to enable you to plan out a journey with confidence
  • Multiple checklists to address major issues such as pre-departure, arrival, medical/first aid kit and ditch bag contents as well as a multi-purpose blank checklist form
  • Forms to plan out storage locations and contents on board – both on deck and below deck
  • Logs for engine and vessel service records
  • Multiple resource references
  • Memory Aids for proper distress calls
  • Float Plan forms that are US and Canadian Coast Guard compliant
  • Formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper for 3-ring binders - easy to expand with additional information and sections
  • A reasonable price of only US$20.00
  • Immediate delivery as a simple pdf download
  • Free updates

About the Author:

Michael Leahy has sailed on the Great Lakes for over 25 years. From the very beginning, he was hooked on cruising and never lost an opportunity to explore small ports, harbours and anchorages. He has served in the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary on Search and Rescue vessels and also as a Training Officer. He has taught navigation, weather & seamanship, written course material, led training exercises and delivered seminars both within the Coast Guard Auxiliary and to the public at venues such as the Toronto International Boat Show and private yacht clubs. An educator by profession, he holds a PhD in Organizational Planning and a Masters License. He is the author of He is passionate about the magnificent beauty of the Great Lakes.

Ordering Information:

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If you have suggestions or recommendations for additional material to be added to this e-book or want to submit a review, please feel free to contact the author at here on the Contact page

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