Family Holiday's

by Denise Cook
(Point Edward On)

Well it all started out when I was just a little girl. My Dad look us to Port Elgin every year. I was just of walking age. We had a tent and slept on cots. We always stayed at the campground near the beach. I am talking about 58 years ago. We would go down to the beach and play bingo. We would also hope to win a cake when we were down there. The beach is the best place to go no rocks and you can go out so far as you like. We had great camp fires. We met a lot of people at the camp. Every summer we all looked forward to going to Port Elgin. I still go there and so does my family. My father has passed on but we all know that he is watching over us when we are there. My dad would walk us down town for ice-cream and the parlor. Ever place you could walk to. They has horse races at the camp site as well. It is just too bad that my father couldn't be here. This is one place that he enjoyed very much. This is one place that I will always enjoy as well as my family. My fathers name was Bob Haslip and I am his daughter Denise. I will continue to go there as often as I am able and so will my sister. This is one place that people do enjoy. I think I will go on the boat cruise this time . I have never been on it. It will be great to watch the sunset.

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