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For Less Than The Cost Of Your Morning Coffee, You Can Put Your Message In Front Of Thousands Of Boaters This Season

If you want a way to put your message in front of a LOT of boaters (power & sail), is the perfect answer for you. is the largest free listing of Great Lakes harbor reviews on the internet. Read by thousands of boaters, it gives detailed information about each harbor & businesses like yours that sell to them.

Your message is in front of the very people who are looking for you. lets you to put your message in front of boaters who will each spend nearly $4,000 this summer in a way that
is inexpensive, very cost effective and WORKS

Connect To Your Customers

Over 1.5 million boat owners on the Great Lakes will spend around $4,000 each this season (Gov't figures). tells boaters who provides the services they need:

  • marinas
  • repair and maintenance shops
  • specialty shops such as rigging or prop repair
  • restaurants & pubs
  • local tourist attractions.

More boaters will see your business and message. Why shouldn't they spend their money with you?

Focused Traffic Makes On-Line Ads Work! has the most comprehensive, detailed information available online for each port. It is a single place on the internet where boaters can get all of the information they may be looking for. As a result, it meets the needs of many boaters – boaters that you sell to.

Every visitor to is focused on boating on the Great Lakes, not the east coast or the Carribean. Their search terms brought them here. They are boaters who want to know about:

  • new harbors to explore
  • marinas they can visit
  • marine supplies such as fuel or services such as repairs
  • restaurants and pubs to relax in
  • places to see and visit such as museums.

More general information covers such things as:

  • the legalities of crossing borders
  • border crossings
  • health insurance
  • navigation
  • weather
  • & much more.

Its all here and this highly targeted audience is looking for exactly this information.

And Who Is Your Typical Great Lakes Boater?

Typically, they are:

  • in their early 40's to late 50's
  • educated
  • doing well financially
  • internet-savvy
  • a boating enthusiast (power or sail)

Either way, according to gov't figures, they will spend about $4,000 each season on the boat and on boating trips.

They will spend it so why not with you?

Do Boaters Actually Use the Internet?

The answer is a resounding YES. Research studies show:

  • 70% of adults in the Great Lakes region use the internet to research and pre-plan purchases on-line
  • 63% of products & services researched online are purchased offline.

Here at, we see thousands of boaters reading page after page of information that tells them exactly where they can get various boating services.

What does that mean for you? It means thousands of people who are researching where they plan to spend their hard-earned dollars. One of those businesses could be yours.

People use the internet because its easy and its readily available. A magazine can be intrusive – it frequently arrives when a person is not planning a trip. On the internet, your message reaches a highly-targeted audience exactly when they are searching for specific information.

Affordable and Highly Cost Effective

Where many magazines and their associated website ads cost hundreds of dollars each month, is very affordable. 

For less than the price of your morning coffee, you can put your message directly in front of the people who you know are buying the goods and services you sell.

Compare that to other media that cost up to ten times as much. How do we do it? Simple. As an online business, our overhead is a fraction of our competitors. And we pass those considerable savings on to you.

Limited Space

Each page can only display a fixed number of ads. Once they are gone, the opportunity to reach our readers will be gone too. Don't let a competitor from your harbor or the next harbor down the shoreline take your space.

So ….... if you want to put your name and message in front of the very people who buy your products and services for a very affordable amount …......

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Focused Traffic

Connect to Your Customers

Very Affordable

Limited Space

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