Introduction to Recipes

Good eating, especially in the company of friends, has to be one of life’s great pleasures. Add in the ever-changing natural backdrops when sailing and you have a ‘recipe’ for a memorable time.

We all know that our galley on board is not the same as our kitchen at home.

  • Space is severely limited.
  • Say goodbye to thoughts of side-by-side fridge/freezers, counter-top, built in electric ranges, etc.
  • Preparation space is at a premium.
  • So is food storage space.
  • Many of your favourite electric appliances will be unavailable.
  • The local supermarket is not a quick walk or drive away.
  • And, the variety you expect at home may simply not be available in small villages and communities.

If your cruising, like ours, takes you into more remote areas where anchoring is your only option, you have to be completely self-sufficient from the time you leave your dock.

BUT , that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice! It just means you have to adapt. And adapting is second nature to sailors. Recipes can be simpler but just as flavourful as ever. Meal preparation can be simpler too – there was life before food processors! Creativity does not have to be limited to your kitchen at home.

Recipes do not have to be complicated either. We aren’t setting out to make boeuf bourguignon (Julia Child’s recipe fills three pages and references 2 other recipes to prepare some of the ingredients!!!)

Simple is best in many areas and that certainly implies the galley. The recipes here are simple but that doesn’t mean plain or boring. These simple recipes are packed with nutrition and flavour. Most are based around 3 ingredients which are generally available anywhere. They offer a number of benefits. They are:

  • simple
  • inexpensive
  • easy to shop for
  • quick to prepare
  • taste great
  • leave minimal waste

There are some exceptions of course, but most will fall into the 3-ingredient format. So ... grab your apron and lets begin.

Check out these terrific fish recipes featuring the bounty of our Great Lakes.

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