Prairie Siding Bridge may not become a "fixed" bridge after all

by Geert Kiers
(Lighthouse Cove)

Last week I reported that I was informed that the Prairie Siding Bridge was to become fixed and not open again to allow tall ships passage. The sign to this effect was to be installed on July 3rd, 2018. I viewed the newly installed sign and it says that there will be no tall ship passage "until further notice." This suggests to me that they may eventually fix the bridge. I made the passage up to Chatham for the first time with my sailboat last August long weekend and enjoyed the two day stay very much. I encourage anyone with a tall ship to petition the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to repair the bridge and maintain it properly so that its ability to open not become compromised again. I also encourage you to consider making the trek to Chatham. They are starting construction on a Casino which will be about a five block walk south of the Keil Drive docks (where I stayed). Anyways, I hope that those of us with tall ships will eventually be able to visit Chatham again very soon.

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