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Rhumb Line, Issue #006 -- New at
November 02, 2013

Rhumb Line

a course that keeps a constant bearing

The Rhumb Line for Great Lakes Sailing is clear: to provide a comprehensive listing of ports around the Great Lakes basin and articles that cover a broad range of topics of interest to sailors.

The purpose of Rhumb Line is to keep you up-to-date with new additions to Great Lakes Sailing in a brief, easy-to-scan and concise manner. I value not only your interest but also your time.

October 2013

Whats New at Great Lakes Sailing :

This past month has mostly been about adding new ports and making some technical adjustments to the site.
1) New Ports Added

1. New Ports

(a). Little Current, ON is the 'hub' of the North Channel for most sailors. It is also the home of Cruisers' Net - the radio net that links so many sailors across a 50-mile radius of the North Channel and Georgian Bay. If you are ever in Little Current, make a point of stopping by the Ab>Anchor Inn Bar & Grill and say 'hello' to Roy Eaton who hosts this long-running and very popular radio net. Click here to visit Little Current, ON

(b). Located near the half-way point along the north coast of the North Channel, Blind River Ontario is a perfect stop on a cruise along the fabulous North Channel. Click here to visit Blind River, ON

(c). Olcott NY is the largest port between Youngstown on the Niagara River and Rochester. Olcott was named the "Ultimate Fishing Town" by the World Fishing Network and attracts fishermen from all over eastern North America as well as overseas. Click here to visit Olcott, NY

(d). Toledo Beach, the man-made harbor at the west end of Lake Erie, is home to a beautiful marina and a very active yacht club. Its a great place for a lay-over if you are at that end of the lake. Click here to visit Toledo Beach, MI

(e). Waukegan Illinois sits at the north end of the huge 'Chicagoland' urban area and, with 1,000 slips, is a great way to visit this area while enjoying what a small city offers. Click here to visit Waukegan, IL

2. New Section

As I mentioned in my mid-month notice, I have added a section on First Aid. That took a fair amount of time but was quite worthwhile. Click here to visit FIRST AID

3. New Resources

Also as noted in the announcement about the First Aid section, I added two items to the RESOURCES section. These are the official medical guides published by UK and US Coast Guard authorities for merchant ships. They are way to comprehensive for the average cruising sailor (and too large to print out) but they can serve as a useful reference resource in your cruising files. Click here for RESOURCES

I would also note that two of the best emergency medical books for non-medical people are “Where There Is No Doctor” and “Where There Is No Dentist”. Both of these are available at the THE NAUTICAL MIND bookstore and I put a link to them on the page.

Thanks for reading Rhumb Line. Your opinions, thoughts and comments do matter. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me here at Rhumb Line or at Great Lakes Sailing

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Fair winds and following seas.

Michael Leahy, Publisher

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