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Rhumb Line, Issue #004 -- New at
August 23, 2013

Rhumb Line

a course that keeps a constant bearing

The Rhumb Line for Great Lakes Sailing is clear: to provide a comprehensive listing of ports around the Great Lakes basin and articles that cover a broad range of topics of interest to sailors.

The purpose of Rhumb Line is to keep you up-to-date with new additions to Great Lakes Sailing in a brief, easy-to-scan and concise manner. I value not only your interest but also your time.

August 2013

Whats New at Great Lakes Sailing :

1) New Ports Added

2) New Section Planned

3) New Tip Sheet

1. New Ports

(a). If you have a sweet tooth, Racine WI is a place to satisfy it. This city on the west coast of Lake Michigan is not only home to about 1,000 slips but also the Danish 'kringle', a delightful, mouthwatering pastry. I heard a rumour that they scrape the calories off if you ask - NOT! Click here to visit Racine, WI

(b). At the southern tip of Lake Michigan, lies another large harbor - this time in Hammond, IN. In recent years, Hammond has invested about $500 million dollars in a redevelopment of its waterfront/harbor/casino complex. With nearly 1,000 slips, there is sure to room for you. It is also within easy sailing distance of Chicago - about 13 nm. Click here to visit Hammond, IN

2. North Channel

The North Channel is one of the great freshwater cruising grounds in the world. Some readers suggested it should have its own section rather than being simply part of the Lake Huron section.

I certainly listen to you, the readers and users of this site and I can tell you that a new section is now being developed and specific North Channel ports are being researched and written. This process can take a couple of weeks but be assured, its under active development.

3. Tip Sheet

For many people, weather is one of the great mysteries of life. To me, weather is simply the greatest show on earth - and the show is free and runs 24/7.

There is the old saying that 'everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it' but the truth in my opinion is 'everybody talks about it but nobody understands it.

In an effort to help make things a bit clearer, I have posted a new Tip Sheet showing what happens when either a cold front or a warm front passes through. I ran a small weather training session for some new Coast Guard Auxiliary crew recently and the weather cooperated wonderfully. It was gratifying to see eyes light up with real understanding of what was happening in the skies above us.

Like all the others, you can print this Tip Sheet as it is formatted to fit an 8 1/2 x 11 inch page for easy filing. You can find it here.

Thanks for reading Rhumb Line. Your opinions, thoughts and comments do matter. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me here at Rhumb Line or at Great Lakes Sailing

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Fair winds and following seas.

Michael Leahy, Publisher

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